IFU (Instruction for use) non-medical products

An overview of all our non-medical IFUs collected in compact form and ready for download.


You have the possibility to print out all instructions for use at any time and to archive the documents. If you would also like to receive a hard copy of the instructions for use, please contact our customer service directly. We will be happy to send you the corresponding instructions for use by fax or post.

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Product Revision number Revision stand Date Language Download
Milling Screw (nt-Preform)IFU_Milling Screw_Preforms_Rev_A_2018.09.28A28.09.2018DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
LaboranalogIFU_Laboranalog_Rev.B_14.10.2020B14.10.2020DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
NT X-tra HolderIFU_xtra_holder_Rev.A_2019.02.11A11.02.2019DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
OptiScanSprayIFU_OptiScanSpray_Rev.01_2019.10.16216.10.2019DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
DIM AnalogeIFU_DIM-Analog_Rev.D_14.10.2020D14.10.2019DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
DIM ParallelsenkerIFU_DIM-Parallelsenker_Rev.A_2017.12.05A05.12.2017DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
Preform-Halter_MontageanleitungIFU_Preform-Halter_Montageanleitung_Rev.01_2019.10.30130.10.2019DE, ENDownload