NT warranty for abutment products.



NT-Trading abutment products are guaranteed to be free of defects from the time of delivery. If all warranty conditions are met, NT-Trading will replace the abutment product with an identical or equivalent product free of charge. If an implant provider fails to honor its warranty due to the use of an NT-Trading abutment, NT-Trading will cover both the abutment and the implant.



The warranty period for NT-Trading abutment products is 30 years from the date of delivery, subject to proper handling and workmanship: no new warranty or extension of warranty is associated with warranty service.



The warranty is conditional upon: I. Compliance with NT-Trading's and material suppliers' instructions for use available at the time of application with respect to all NT-Trading products, as well as accepted dental and dental technology practices before, during and after processing. II. Proof of this is the responsibility of the user upon request by NT-Trading. Improper use shall be deemed to exist, for example, in the event of improper implantation, improper screw connection of the abutment to the implant, violation of the specifications of the respective implant manufacturer (supplier) for the insertion of the implant, in particular in the event of contraindications, and external influences such as accidents or comparable events. For the respective implant systems, the NT-Trading processing instructions and instructions for use are decisive for the assessment of the complaint case. The production parameters for the NT-Trading abutment products must be complied with and no special production release may have been issued for the product complained about. III. submission of a completed and signed complaint form no later than three months after the occurrence of a warranty case. IV. Copy of the rejection of the warranty claim by the manufacturer of the corresponding implant. V. The return of the claimed NT-Trading product in a cleaned and disinfected condition.



The NT-Trading warranty covers the free replacement of NT-Trading abutment products for CAD/CAM implant prosthetics for a period of up to 30 years after delivery. In the event of implant loss attributable to the prosthetic component supplied by NT-Trading, NT-Trading will provide a free implant, should this be necessary for dental reasons. If the supplier of the implant refuses to replace the implant or to reimburse the costs because an NT-Trading abutment product was used, this must be proven to NT-Trading by a corresponding letter from the manufacturer/supplier. Proof of necessity in the above sense is the responsibility of the user. The final decision lies with NT-Trading or an expert commissioned by NT-Trading.



The NT-Trading warranty is a separate warranty from NT-Trading and is in addition to the warranty rights from the delivery contract in dependence on our General Terms and Conditions. The contractual or statutory rights of the user are not affected by this warranty.



This free NT-Trading warranty applies only to NT-Trading abutment products sold by NT-Trading in the Federal Republic of Germany. The warranty conditions apply to all corresponding deliveries until revoked. The assessment of the existence of a warranty case is incumbent on the basis of the above warranty conditions on NT-Trading GmbH & Co. KG or an expert commissioned by it. The decision of NT-Trading GmbH & Co. KG or the expert commissioned by it is binding for the parties. This guarantee is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. All documents are to be submitted to: NT-Trading GmbH & Co. KG, G.-Braun-Str. 18, 76187 Karlsruhe, Germany



The general terms and conditions (GTC) of NT-Trading GmbH & Co. KG Germany. You can find the detailed GTC here.