Whichever implant system you use - the synchronization of the prosthetic interface with NT abutment systems creates unbeatable added value in the everyday laboratory workflow: system change without process change. Our customers can use the entire variety of abutment solutions, without time-consuming and costly conversion to the stand-alone solutions of the individual implant providers.

The NT Workflow

Titanium Base

For the production of individual implant-supported hybrid abutments.


  • engaging
  • individual abutment design within the CAD software via the NT-IQ implant libraries
  • large-area bonding, therefore permanent and stable connection to the base
  • applicable for conventional processing or CAD/CAM technology


  • titanium base to bond individually manufactured superstructures from ceramic materials (zirconium dioxide, lithium disilicate) or plastics (PMMA, PEEK, composite)


  • Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23


Scanbody for high-precision transfer of the implant position.


  • exact positioning via metal interface
  • suitable for intraoral scanners
  • the different geometries of the lateral surfaces guarantee an exact repositioning in the CAD software even with incomplete capture
  • integrated aspiration-proof screw
  • X-ray detectable
  • alignment of scanbody can be incrementally adjusted via the abutment-implant connection.
  • series and platform can be easily identified by laser engraving


  • scanbody for model scan
  • scanbody for intraoral scanners


  • 2-3 μm manufacturing tolerance


Digital Implant Model Analog - Available for 26 implant systems within the NT-IQ implant libraries.

  • implant analog for digital model production within the Modelbuilder CAD applications
  • two-part repositionable implant analog
  • can be positioned exactly through guidance elements
  • position correction possible
  • design supports exact repositioning of removable gingiva parts
  • sleeve available for optional use in conventional plaster models

  • for the production of implant models in the digital workflow

  • Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23
  • stainless steel


Titanium Base NX

Titanium base non-engaging for the production of individual bridge/bar constructions on multiple implants.


  • non-engaging
  • can be shortened from 5mm to 3mm, considering different occlusal space conditions
  • available in 2 gingival heights
  • optimized emergence profile, very good adaptation to existing gum conditions
  • specifically developed for CAD/CAM technology

  • for individual bridge/bar constructions on several implants made of ceramic materials (zirconium dioxide, lithium disilicate) or plastics (PMMA, PEEK, composite)

  • Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23


Equalizes divergences between different angled implants. Available in various gingival heights and angulations.


  • self-centering cone connection
  • highest flexibility with divergent implants positions, i.a. can be combined with NT-LOcON locator type attachment
  • tension-free fit through optional adhesive connection (female part)
  • applicable for conventional procession or CAD/CAM technology
  • optimized abutment design enables even distribution of occurring forces
  • one single type of female part (cap) covers all impant systems and platforms
  • female part (cap) for locator-type attachment (LOcON) is optionally available


  • for bars, bridges and structures without rotation protection


  • Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23


The combination with the proven NT 2-CONnect® abutment opens up a unique variety of application options. For every prosthetic challenge, you will receive the appropriate, technically safe solution.
Compensation of the gingival height and the compensation of different implant inclinations are made possible simply via the NT 2-CONnect® abutment.
In addition, the connection geometry of the LOcON coping is completely identical to the LOCATOR® geometry.


  • synchronization of different implant systems via 2-CONnect®
  • quick and easy supragingival exchange of the LOcON coping, no abutment change
  • high flexibility within different indications
  • compatible with LOCATOR® components

LOCATOR® is a registered trademark of Zest IP Holdings LLC, USA


NT-Preform® + Holder

Milling blank for individual one-piece titanium abutments in the CAD/CAM-process.

  • precise prefabricated abutment-implant interface
  • individual abutment design within the CAD software via the NT-IQ implant libraries
  • market proven bi-lateral clamping setup is supported in most CAM systems
  • uni-lateral clamping setup is optionally available for supported CAM systems

  • primary telescopes on implants
  • mesio-structures for crowns and bridges
  • occlusal screwable structures

  • Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23

Bi-Lateral Setup

Uni-Lateral Setup

Tool Set

13-piece tool set in a black wooden box including a torque ratchet, ratchet adapter and ISO shaft inserts for the tightening of abutment screws of all 26 NT supported implant systems.

Screwdriver Set

11-piece screwdriver set in a practical metal box for tightening of abutment screws of all 26 supported implant systems.


Positioning fixture for dental implants, with support unit, for transferring the implant position, for checking and correcting implant analogs.


  • avoids imprecisely fitting frameworks
  • prevents repetition and correction of implant frameworks
  • sterilizable
  • compatible with many implant systems
  • color related coding referred to implant series
  • process control of implant position transfers
  • ensures reliable production processes


  • all-on-4 concept
  • multiple implant insertions
  • replaceable implant analogs, e.g. NT DIM analogs


  • prefabricated precision turned parts
  • mounting fixture with unified interface for all implant systems


NT X-tra Holder Set

The multi-part X-tra holder set protects the implant inferface from damage during the finishing/processing phase.

  • solid stainless steel grip for optimal heat dissipation during finishing/processing
  • includes 3 inserts to cover 26 implant systems on 3 mill lab analog sizes
  • mill lab analogs and inserts can be changed quickly by just loosening a thread pin

  • Handle
  • Screwdriver for Handle
  • Insert for the Handle Ø 3.5 mm
  • Insert for the Handle Ø 4.3 mm
  • Insert for the Handle Ø 5.0 mm
  • Case