IFU (instruction for use) medical products

An overview of all our IFUs collected in compact form and ready for download. You have the possibility to print out all instructions for use at any time and to archive the documents.

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Warengruppe/Artikel Revisionsnummer Revisions-Stand Datum Sprache Download
Implant Pick Up (Abformpfosten)IFU_Abformpfosten_3D_Guide_Rev.F_2017.01.12F12.01.2017DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, CNDownload
Scanbody 3D-GuideIFU_Abformpfosten_3D_Guide_Rev.F_2017.01.12F12.01.2017DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, CNDownload
Screwdriver-SetIFU_Screwdriver-Set_Rev.04_2016.12.16416.12.2016DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
NT VAL-JigIFU_NT-VAL-Jig_Rev.A_2017.10.12A12.10.2017DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload
ToolSetIFU_ToolSet_Rev.03_2019.08.21321.08.2019DE, ENDownload
Surgical Guide Sleeve (SGS)IFU__SGS_Rev.03_2018.02.14314.02.2018DE, EN, FR, IT, ESDownload