The NT-iDent technology center provides you the opportunity to offer highly precise, certified implant superstructures in addition to your current production capacities and product portfolio.

Please note that NT-iDent and its services are only available in the European Union.

Services at a Glance

  • Production of digital implant models in combination with the production of crowns, bridges/bars and individual abutments
  • Custom-made abutments
  • Production of directly screwable bridges / bars on implants, as well as Meso / tertiary structures made of PEEK (Dentokeep), CoCr and titanium
  • Production of crowns and bridges made of zirconia, E.max CAD®, PMMA, PEEK (Dentokeep), CoCr and titanium
  • Safety-tested via the highest manufacturing and quality standards
  • Scan and Design services
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Information and Forms


Data Transmission

Model Shipping

The free shipping is ordered by you as a customer. Please simply contact our customer service at +49 721 961 999 0 and we will create a shipping label and schedule the pickup for you.

Delivery Times

Custom-made abutments: 2 business days after receipt of data, 3 business days after receipt of the model.
Bridges: 3 business days after receipt of data, 5 business days after receipt of the model.