Download NT-IQ Implant Libraries

The following NT abutment applications are available within the NT IQ implant libraries:

Titanium Base

Titanium base (engaging) to bond individually manufactured superstructures from ceramic materials (zirconium dioxide, lithium disilicate) or plastics (PMMA, PEEK, composite).

Titanium Base NX

Titanium base (non-engaging) for individual bridge/bar constructions on several implants made of ceramic materials (zirconium dioxide, lithium disilicate) or plastics (PMMA, PEEK, composite).


Milling blank for individual one-piece titanium abutments in the CAD/CAM-process.


Abutment that equalizes divergences between different angled implants. Available in various gingival heights and angulations.


Implant analog for digital model production within the Modelbuilder CAD applications.

How to Download

Here you can obtain the free digital implant and laboratory analog library suitable for your 3D implant software system. The continuously updated nt-IQ implant libraries provide you with a comprehensive collection of information.

Your comprehensive NT-IQ Implant Libraries

The NT-IQ Implant Libraries make working with NT Dental products easier by enabling you to work faster and more accurately. To download the implant libraries for the CAD programs listed below, simply fill out the following form.

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