The new LOcON system


The new LOcON system

Enjoy maximum prosthetic freedom with the new NT LOcON System!

In combination with the tried and tested NT 2-CONnect® abutment, a unique variety of possible applications opens up at an attractive price. You will receive the right technically safe solution for every prosthetic challenge.

The adaption to the patient-specific gingival height and the compensation for different implant inclinations are ideally made possible by the NT 2-CONnect® abutment. Also, the interface geometry of the LOcON coping is completely identical and compatible to the LOCATOR® geometry.

Your advantages:

    • Alignment of different implant systems to a common prosthetic platform via 2-CONnect®
    • Quick and easy replacement of the LOcON coping without abutment change
    • High flexibility within various prosthetic indications
    • Compatible to LOCATOR® components

More about the LOcON system, LOcON components and an order form can be found here in our product information.


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